Urban Dare 50% Off EVERYTHING Sale

Location: Urban Dare’s new main store
Start Date: Sunday June 27
End Date: Sunday July 4 at midnight SLT

Urban Dare has moved… the store is now located inside an old-fashioned shrubbery maze on an entirely new sim. Take your time wandering through all the little nooks, crannies and dead-ends because everything you find is currently marked down to 50% off. There’s a whole room full of HUD-powered color-change hair, plus a bunch of cool accessories, as well as Neko ears, tails, eyes, whiskers, Neko skins and tattoos. Click here to see photos of the Neko bits.

Urban Dare Sim For Sale Too…

While we’re on the subject, the Urban Dare sim is currently up for sale. It features an amazing futuristic, semi-cyberpunk design with all sorts of cool locations for exploring, photography, and retail stores, there’s even an underground club and apartment rentals… see photos below. If you know anyone who’s interested, have them contact sim owner Craven Theas in-world.

Brought to you by Virtual Neko: the art of being neko in second life


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