Wow what a week – group offer !

As I said in my last post, Trubble had to close on the Blues Island sim, and at that time, the store’s future was uncertain.

Time for a little good news! Trubble has a new home on the Icon Lifestyle sim.

We also have a completely new, more modern look, and of course some new releases! I’ve worked almost non-stop for the past week getting set up, and the work is still very much ongoing, but I’m planning to keep working as hard as I can to make Trubble the very best it can be.

So heres the new releases!!!

Ana-blue-sept-boardAna-Sept-Board‘Ana’ is available in both Blue and a Pink/Cream colour. Featuring a very low, cheeky back and revealing just that little bit extra.

calla2-board‘Calla2’ is a special offer for group members only. Wear your group tag to get the full skirt and bodice outfit for just $50L. (The bodice is available in store at full price too)

There are many more new items coming into the store in the next week or so, and of course, plenty of special offers, sales and freebies to be had if you are in the subscriber list or our in world group, joiners for both are available in-store.


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