Mini Sale @ Otaku Designs Satellite Shops

So I decided to put up a lucky board in my small store in Blue Blood and then while I was standing there I realized half the store was still at 10L because I never changed the prices to regular price when I was setting up my store. So I decided that a quick sale in all my small shops on all 3 sims would be something fun. Items range in price from 1L to 50L. What type of items? Well it can be tattoos, jewelry, legwarmers, clothing……just about anything I make and sell. I only marked down a few items in each of the stores. So tp to each location to see what is marked down. Not every store has the same merchandise or same items marked down in price. Below are slurls to the three stores I currently have inworld atm.

Otaku Designs on the Blue Blood Sim
Otaku Designs on the Sassy Kitty Designs Sim
Otaku Designs on the Elfpyre Sim

Just to let you know, my mainstore should be opened sometime in mid-August. I am really happy about it and I can’t wait to show you all the items I have been working on for it. For a while I considered stop making items for good but then I realized I kind of like building. So here is a sneak peek of a couple items I have made so far.
Goth SwingSnapshot_006

For those in my subscriber kiosk, please check my blog for current news just in case. I do post everything I send in notices on my blog at least the next morning after I send a notice out. I’ve received some negative and harsh words from people who thought I sent out a group gift but I have yet to do so and because of this treatment I have been receiving in ims from people I will postpone group gifts for the time being.

Otaku Designs Blog

XStreet SL Marketplace


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