Dare to be brighter?

It’s time for another big bunch of releases at Trubble and wow have I got some treats for you.

But… this time, I’m not just gonna release them. Nope.

First, it’s the last day of our 100L sale, grab it while you can!!!!!

and then tomorrow…..

It’s time for a trubble party.

As you may know I’m leaving SL on wednesday to have my thyroid removed, so I’ll be away for up to 2 weeks. So this is going to be my lil leaving party too… come gimme something to remember.
Theme – Big on colour, small on prims.

Time – 2-4pm slt

Location – Blues Island … all of it haha

In the cafe (Freshly brewed)

2-3pm slt – Angelica Svenska- Angelica is a girl from Sweden with the voice of and angel and some awesome guitar playing.
She got her first guitar when she was 6 years old, but she picked it up again and started playing more seriously when she was 17.
She got up on stage in SL quite recently and she has already been playing on quite a few known stages.
Angelica has a broad music variesty and has written a couple of her own songs, but other the that she plays covers of songs by for example. Jason Mraz, Take that, Colbie Caillat, Neil Diamond.. etc.

3-4pm slt – another live act tbc


And don’t miss, fishing on the courtyard (in front of the store and cafe) and free horse riding.

So… wanna see the new stuffs?


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