50% off gifty’s at trubble (click on link, scroll down)

Three new releases have hit the store today, 2 of which are starting some new exciting lines for the store.

But firstly I need to apologise for the lack of Blogs or new stuff for the last few weeks. For some reason, which I cannot work out, or fix, I cannot move for lag in my store. I don’t lag anywhere else, and I have had multiple friends hang around in the store for hours with zero problems. I don’t lag in the skybox studio above my store either. So I think its a viewer side problem. But, since I’ve turned everything to do with my graphics to the lowest possible settings I don’t know whats causing it. I’m going to try reinstalling drivers etc later today, but I do ask that you bear with me whilst I fix this.

So onto the newness First is Kitteh, a casual tank top and pants set, you’ll find this on the casual wall with the minidresses etc.

Click here for pics and the rest


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