1/2 Off Bazaar – Lovely Shops 2/21/09 and party!

When: Saturday, February 21, 2009… ALL Day of course! Starts midnight, Friday!
Where: Mana! Lovely Shops at Gateaux Blvd.

This week, we are also having a party at 5PM SLT. DJ Gecko Live, rockin Lovely!

1/2 Off Bazaar - 2/21/09

1/2 Off Bazaar - 2/21/09

Over 30 Designers here with 1/2 Off and FREE items!

Designers such as:
The Black Canary
Ticky Tacky
Blue Blood
Withered Angel
Silk & Satyr
Fenrir’s Nemesis
Milestone Creations
Kerryth Tarantal Studios
Jailbird Designs
kaotic Industries
MudHoney Designs
Jan’s Lifestyle Living
Roxie’s Home Decor
Sweeter Than Candy
DragonLady Designs
Mermaid Temple
Kisses Boutique
Dance Creations
The Sea Hole
Striking Poses

Please IM Kore Sieyes or Anicia Medici for more info!


The Bazaar starts at midnight Friday and runs for 24 HOURS! Come, take advantage of the great items and fantastic deals offered by our talented creators who share Lovely with us!

Kore Sieyes and Anicia Medici


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