Launching Sam’s Secret Timeless Outfit as 50%OFF

Sams Secret Timeless Outfit

Sams Secret Timeless Outfit

Hey there,

I just wanna let you know I launched Sam’s Secret TIMELESS Outfit last Friday with the price set as 50%OFF… So you can save some money for charity to fundraising campaing for Victoria Bush Fire Relief Fund. (Check the full list of designers, including myself,  who are supporting this fund.)

Special price only available at my store inworld: Sam’s Secret Boutique at Rue DAntibes 160/160/28 .

Sam’s Secret Timeless is an outfit you can use in a regular basis: to have fun hanging out with friends, or to go shopping, or maybe to wear during some very informal meetings at work!  The outfit includes 2 different fashion tops, with flex chains, pants with flex and sculp itens.

I hope you enjoy it!


Samsara Nishi

PS: You can join my subscriber kiosk near by the door at my main store, if you wanna receive all my promotional and new release notes without using one of your 25 SL groups.


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