CURRENT SALES: 1/26 – 1/28

My most sincere apologies.  RL ate me. 😦

Here are the current sales for now through Thursday.  Friday I’ll return to your normally scheduled sales programming (even if I have to do it the night before!)

What’s happening:

  • PixelDolls – L$50 Tops, Bottoms and Outfits Sale.   SLurl TP
  • Ivalde – 50% Off All Clothes on 2nd Floor.  SLurl TP
  • Liquid Velvet Studios – End of Year Clearance Sale.  SLurl TP
  • Unique Needs – 50% Off Sale.  SLurl TP
  • Second Wave Fashion – Pink & Red Item Sale.  SLurl TP
  • AnnaH – Retirement Sale.  SLurl TP
  • Stellar – L$100 Skin & Shape Sale.  SLurl TP
  • TRUTH – L$50 Hair Sale.  SLurl TP
  • Mischief – L$100 Going to Retire Sale.  ENDS TODAY!! SLurl TP
  • Rebel Hope Designs – L$100 Formal & Lingerie Sale.  SLurl TP

Quick!  Go shop!!
~*~ Aly ~*~


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