CURRENT SALES: 1/16/09-1/22/09

Hi everyone!!  Nice to see you!!

Yup, Ana was nuts and let me in the back door to make havoc.  Mwahahahahaha! 😉

Actually, I asked her if she would like a calendar kept of all SL sales (which ironically I had started already) and she loved the idea.  Unfortunately, WP doesn’t like the Javascripts from Google Calendar.

But no fear!  We just type it up for all of you! 😀

Every Friday, I will be posting the current sales for the whole week.  Just a couple of notes for everyone:

  • This list will contain sales available for a limited time.  It will not include permanant price reductions, hunts, or anything else that really isn’t a sale.
  • Some sales listed do not have an end date mentioned (that I have been able to locate).  To that end, if you notice a sale listed here that has ended, please post in comments and I will edit ASAP.
  • Speaking of dates, if the sale ends during the week covered in the post, I will mention the end date then.  Otherwise, no end date will be noted.
  • SLurls:  I will always try to include SLurls for quick and easy shopping.  Again, if you notice an error or see a SLurl missing that you have, please post in comments for quick and easy editing.

And that’s it!  Time to shop!

  • AOHARU – 50% Off Sale.  SLurl TP
  • PixelDolls – L$50 Dress Sale.  Ends Tuesday, 1/20/09.  SLurl TP
  • Ivalde – 50% Off All Clothes on 2nd Floor.  SLurl TP
  • Liquid Velvet Studios – End of Year Clearance Sale.  SLurl TP
  • Lazy Places – 50% Off Sale.  SLurl TP
  • Unique Needs – 50% Off Sale.  SLurl TP
  • Second Wave Fashion – Pink & Red Item Sale.  SLurl TP
  • AnnaH – Retirement Sale.  SLurl TP
  • Stellar – L$100 Skin & Shape Sale.  SLurl TP
  • Blacklace – 50% Off Gift Cards.  Ends Sunday, 1/18/09.  SLurl TP

Have fun!
~*~ Aly ~*~


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