You can join to blog about sales in Second Life® by leaving a comment here.

The idea is to post about sales and only sales here. It would be nice to add a picture to each post and the following information about your store:

SoM: | Update Group: | hippoUPDATE: | Store Cards: | flickr pool: | OnRez: | X Street:

Tags are *only* for stores names. You can use categories for products.
The category MV-SL-Fashion is here so this blog can be featured at MetaVirtual feed. If you want your entry in the feed, use it.

Second Life® and Linden Lab® are trademarks or registered trademarks of Linden Research, Inc. All rights reserved. No infringement is intended.


  1. Heya Ana! Would love to be added 🙂

  2. annotoole

    Sure add me. I have a 50% or more off sale running right now 😛

  3. I would love to help, if you still need it =)

  4. adds meh pleeez ❤

  5. Hi Ana. This is a great idea. Pls add me. Thanks!

  6. Hi Ana, please add me, too 🙂 Thank you!!

  7. Sere

    Hey Ana! Can you add me so I can post notices about Ivalde? Thanks so much! Great idea!

  8. add me too! What a great idea!

  9. I would like to join too. Let’s give it a try.

  10. Stephanie Misfit

    Great idea Ana!

  11. annahwhitfield

    Ana, add me too 🙂 please!

  12. Great idea, Ana!! Please, add me.

  13. Cat Magellan

    Hi all! To edit your profile, instead of blogging with your username, for the people less used to WordPress, go to Profile, insert you first name and last name, update profile, then go back to the “Display name publicly as”, chose your name instead of your user name and update profile again.

  14. /me grabs the bars of the iron gate, rattles them and shouts “Let me in please!”

  15. Would also love to be added if possible. Thanks. 🙂

  16. franny

    loved the idea, may i be added? Thanks xoxo

  17. I’d love to be added too please!! Thanks!

  18. Greetings!!

    I’m up for it! If it pleases the hosts.
    My blog is down by the Blogspot. Is it necessary to have it at WordPress?

    Thank you.

  19. Hey Ana! I’d love to be added as well. Thanks 🙂

  20. Hello Ana, pls. be so kind and add me too.
    ❤ Babylee

  21. anipants

    Hi Ana 🙂 The email link just sent me to the general sign up on worldpress thingy. Can you please add me? Thank You!

  22. … and have you logged in in the WP thingy? 😉
    You are already added. Now, you have to sign up in WordPress.

  23. Mirasol Inglewood

    Heyy! Info for a great sale! Hope you enjoy ❤ And yes, I’d love to join too – I’m always trawling around for a good sale so I think i may be useful. 🙂

    Anyway here you go:


    You want to be beautiful and elegant and you don’t like to spend too much money ? Designer clothes are now affordable! At LaRosa’s you get everything for prices between 10L$ and 50$ ! Come and look !!!

  24. Would love to be included! Thanks so much for adding my sale in!

  25. yes please add me i have lots of diff sales some only to group but some public too thanks

  26. Very good idea, I’m in 🙂

  27. SarahTheRed

    Me please. 🙂

  28. trubbleinsl

    ok here goes.


    email or hit me with a stick if you need more info..

    Tracy Rubble

  29. Catty Loon

    I’d like to be added, and thank you *huggles*

  30. Lola79 Hienrichs

    I would love to be added. I usually post for my store as well as for Razor Mall and sometimes Rare Breed.

  31. Virtual Neko

    I’d like to be added, so I can mention sales that I get IMd about from store owners who don’t have blogs or time to post sales outside of their groups. These would tend to be stores that sell Neko items, but outside of tails and ears, the clothing is usually wearable by all. 🙂

  32. serenesensations

    Hi again Ana, jus heard about this great site , have a huge sale right now and would love to be added, hugs from Soraya blachere

  33. Draco Nacht

    I would like to be added, please!

  34. please add me, Ana!

  35. Please add me !!! I am having a big sale this month (September) and would love to post more info about it!

  36. Just checking status on this, I requested to be added on 9/18… my sale is almost over LOL how soon can I be added? Thanks 🙂

  37. Since I, the admin, have been way since the begining of September, it’s fairly normal that you weren’t added before.

    This blog was created in Jan 11, 2009. So, if you requested to bed added before, your sale would have been published before.

  38. Heya Ana would love to be added 🙂

  39. Shelly Toonie

    Hi Ana..when you have time, would also love to be added.


  40. Tenshi


  41. Hey Ana would love to be added!
    ty hun

  42. Hey Ana, can you please add me as well. Thank you. 🙂 ❤

  43. fdasl1

    Hi Ana, would love to be added please – Potnia Theas

  44. I’d love to join we are having our opening month sale right now everything is really affordable.

  45. May I be added so my PR firm can add info about our clients sales?

  46. I would like to be added! Thank you in advance…

  47. Would love to get an invitation 🙂

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