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Happy belated Christmas!

And to celebrate the end of the THIRD year of Clio in SL (yes, that’s right, I started designing 3 long years ago :)), I decided to hold a big sale and to set all the prices in store to ONE THIRD of their original value!

All formals, casuals, and fatpacks are now 60 to 70% OFF!
The offer will be valid until the 31st of December… that just gives you a few days to come by!
The prices have been reduced both at my main store [TP to Sunrise Island] and in my Marketplace store 🙂

I hope this will make up for being unable to release new items before Christmas >.<

Happy holidays, dears!
With love,

Photo credits:

It’s that time of year again where I get antsy & pace about the shop and realize, Ack! no room.
It’s also summer which is melting my brain.

Sending the muse into hiding along with inappropriately dressed in black from head to toe hya.
Soooo it’s time to send more old sets to the depths of my inventory, never to return.

You can see a current list of sets available in the sale here.

@ The Main Shop Only

Everything in the Not So Secret Sale Area
aka The Laser Shark Rescue Habitat
50L until August 1st.
Then they will all be retired
*booming voice* FOREVER

Urban Dare 50% Off EVERYTHING Sale

Location: Urban Dare’s new main store
Start Date: Sunday June 27
End Date: Sunday July 4 at midnight SLT

Urban Dare has moved… the store is now located inside an old-fashioned shrubbery maze on an entirely new sim. Take your time wandering through all the little nooks, crannies and dead-ends because everything you find is currently marked down to 50% off. There’s a whole room full of HUD-powered color-change hair, plus a bunch of cool accessories, as well as Neko ears, tails, eyes, whiskers, Neko skins and tattoos. Click here to see photos of the Neko bits.

Urban Dare Sim For Sale Too…

While we’re on the subject, the Urban Dare sim is currently up for sale. It features an amazing futuristic, semi-cyberpunk design with all sorts of cool locations for exploring, photography, and retail stores, there’s even an underground club and apartment rentals… see photos below. If you know anyone who’s interested, have them contact sim owner Craven Theas in-world.

Brought to you by Virtual Neko: the art of being neko in second life

{Zaara} Annual Sale 2010

{Zaara} Annual 50% off sale!!
Sale runs from June 5th to June 13th 2010
slurl to {Zaara} –

To celebrate the coming of spring, the fantastic partnership between Musashi-Do and the premier Jazz club Frank’s Place, and in preparation for the upcoming Musashi-Do spring/summer collection, we’re having a sale!

Several marked items, exclusively at our Frank’s Place shop, have been marked down by 50% for your shopping pleasure. But be hasty, because the sale will last only for 24 hours, until April the 2nd, at 10 PM SLT.

Don’t miss it!

Starting today, Saturday 27th February (2010) ALL Clio’s formals are discounted 50 to 60 %!

Yes, that’s right, to celebrate that we reached 1000 subscribers, my entire formal collection is for sale at half price or less for one or two weeks.
The ending date is still to be decided, so hurry up and come shop before it’s too late 😉

The discount is applied ONLY to the Copy-No Transfer items and ONLY at my main store on Sunrise Island.
The only exception is the Rania range, which is discounted but still transferable.
[TP to my main store]

I hope you will like this idea of mine 🙂

With love,

Photo credits:

  • skin by [PXL];
  • hair by Exile.

The Special Edition Valentine Release of Brocade Princess is on sale now at Musashi DO and will only be available through 2/14/10. This will be your only chance to pick up the exquisite ballgown by Shiryu Musashi in these special Holiday Colors.

The Pink Version is available at the Musashi DO Flaship Store but you will have to go to the satellite location at Franks Place to pick up the purple!

Both gowns are available at a discounted price of only $L350! But once February 14 is gone – so are they!

Just in Time for valentines.

Yes I finally updated it. Enjoy.

Get it here for 1L

Yup, for you members following the saga of the dying laptop, it officially went to silicone heaven.

Thus far I don’t know what happened. I was taking a picture and it went black. The ram isn’t registering, and when it does the graphics are borked. It’s overheating still and … just won’t work.

So, now I dunno what to do. I’ve started the RL savings but they’re not amounting to the minimum of £200-250 (100k+ L’s) I’ll need to get a second hand one.

All in all, right now Trubble is hanging in the balance.  I have around 5-6 weeks tier left. I can’t release as I can’t create. As you know my only other option is hubby’s pc, which he uses most of the time and which has no photoshop and limited graphics.

I am taking the laptop to an expert today to find out what happened and see what can be saved. Hopefully my textures can be rescued if not the laptop saved.

The store will stay for now, and I will keep you updated.

For now though…

Everything in store is 100L or less. plus theres a donation thermometer where you can see the amount I’ve got towards my target…

Plus a lovely 11 outfit special for just 500L!

Exodi’s 50% off EVERYTHING Sale to Help Mara and Daisy Get Home

Click here to teleport

Start Date:
Tuesday January 5

For a limited time, everything in the Exodi store is marked down 50% — that includes amazing skins, shapes, eyes, beautiful clothes and very nice jewelry — with all proceeds going towards helping these two beautiful kitties get to their new home.

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